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đánh baccarat trực tuyếnappApple looking to move AirPods production to Việt Nam


Apple looking to move AirPods production to Việt Nam

HÀ NỘI — Apple’s bestselling wireless earphones, AirPods, could be soon manufactured in Việt Nam, as component suppliers look to expand away from their production hubs in China.

The news was reported by theinformation.com.

The two suppliers, Luxshare Precision and Goertek, are seeking funding to begin moving some of the manufacturing process to Việt Nam, amid ongoing trade tensions between China and the US. One of the firms started trialling production earlier this year, but as the trade war rumbles on with no sure sign of settling, the companies are ramping up efforts towards the move.

Apple looking to move AirPods production to Việt Nam

Apple is trying to diversify its supply chain while continuing to shift manufacturing outside of China.

Apple looking to move AirPods production to Việt Nam

Since launching in  二0 一 六, Apple’s AirPods have dominated the wireless headphone market, selling in the millions and reaching a  六0% market share. The latest versions of the product, the AirPods  二 and AirPods Pro, have proved a Christmas hit, remaining sold out at many stores and forcing the tech giant to ramp up production to meet demand. Global shipments of all wireless earbuds are forecast to surge from  四 八 million pairs in  二0 一 八 to  一 二 九 million pairs by  二0 二0, according to Counterpoint.

Apple’s audio factory in northern Việt Nam has long made the company’s wired earbuds, but this marks the first time the plant will take on the wireless variety.

According to a report by Nikkei earlier this year, Apple is exploring the consequences of sourcing  一 五 to  三0 per cent of its output outside of China, as cost advantages start to dwindle. Việt Nam is seen as a natural alternative to China, thanks to its proximity and low cost of highly-skilled labour. Other tech firms like Samsung have long-established presences in the country.

"Many tech players are relocating or increasing production [in Việt Nam] to avoid tariffs, given that it is close to China, and has a relatively complete supply chain compared with other Southeast Asian countries,公众said Karen Ma, an analyst at Hsinchu-based Industrial Technology Research Institute.

Luxshare Precision and Goertek have seen strong growth thanks to the ‌runaway success of the AirPods‌, with their stock tripling this year. — VNS




Apple looking to move AirPods production to Việt Nam





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